Graziano Ramina

Part of the Ramina Group, GR Industries is specialized in manufacturing and trading high-quality Nonwoven fabrics, semi-finished and certified Made in Italy. Our SpunbondMeltblown and SMS products are made using the innovative technologies developed by Ramina srl, its parent company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing of turn-key plants. They are suitable for several applications in the healthcare industry, alongside with construction, furniture, agricolture, automotive, electronics and filtration sectors.

March 2022

GR Industries exhibits at FILTECH 2022 on 8 – 10 March 2022 in Cologne, Germany.
Meet the team at its booth H10 – hall 7 to discover its GRIN-Spun, GRIN-Melt and GRIN-SMS products.


Sustainability, innovation, teamwork: our values are what drive us towards the future and the ongoing research of new and efficient solutions, to guarantee a product that meets both high quality and high safety standards.


GR Industries uses Ramina technology to benefit the customers and offer them customized solutions rapidly, with no compromise on the quality of the materials or the processing.

Ethical code

Transparency, honesty and security: these are the values ​​on which the activity of GR Industries is based in order to pursue the objectives set. Our ethical principles are shared by every member of the company and are reflected in the communication with external collaborators and end customers. Find out more about the way we work in our ethical code.

Graziano Ramina

Graziano Ramina Industries is a spin-off of Ramina srl, born in 2020 to meet two specific needs: testing the efficiency of Ramina nonwoven plants and answering the increasing demand of filtering materials for face masks and other hygienic and medical single-use devices.

It all started in March 2020 with the commissioning of the Leonardo 1.0 continuous-cycle line after the blocking of imports from China, to meet the need of nonwoven for customers and affiliation.
Given the very high demand for surgical masks and FFP2 by healthcare facilities and the Civil Protection Department, two other plants joined the first, both specialized in the production of Meltblown: Graziano Ramina Industries thus assumes an independent identity.

Today, after having received OEKO-TEX, ISO9001 and  “Made in Italy” certificates, GR Industries aims to become one of the major nonwoven manufacturers in Europe and it is developing new nonwoven fabrics to be employed not only in the medical and hygienic sectors but also in filtration and automotive.


GRIN-MELTPolypropylene (PP)

GRIN-MELTPolypropylene (PP)

Characterized by a structure composed of micro-filaments with a controllable diameter, ideal for controlling the different filtration needs. GRIN-MELT® is used for the manufacturing of surgical masks Type II and Type IIR, FFP2 and FFP3 masks ensuring excellent breathability and a BFE greater than 99%. GRIN-MELT® is ideal for air and liquid filtration in the industrial sector and can be used in the hygienic and industrial sector as an absorbent product (wet and dry wipes). GRIN-MELT® can be additivated with antistatic, antibacterial, hemo-philic/phobic and oleo-philic/phobic polymers or tailored on customer needs.i o customizzato sulle esigenze del cliente.

  • Medical
  • Automotive

GRIN-SPUNPolypropylene (PP)

GRIN-SPUNPolypropylene (PP)

Spunbond is a very versatile product and can be supplied with different polymeric bases (PP, PA, PLA, etc.) depending on the purpose of use. GRIN-SPUN® offers a high mechanical resistance in MD and CD and enjoys a high uniformity thanks to the proprietary technology of RAMINA. The product is ideal for multiple applications such as the hygiene, medical, packaging, agriculture, construction, furniture and automotive sectors. The product can be customized both for color and through specific treatments such as: hydrophilic, hemo-philic/phobic and oleo-philic/phobic, FR, antistatic, antibacterial, etc., depending on the specificities requested by the customer. richieste dal cliente.

  • Medicale
  • Igienico
  • Filtrazione
  • Arredamento
  • Costruzioni
  • Abbigliamento
  • Automotive
  • Agricoltura

GRIN-SMSPolypropylene (PP)

GRIN-SMSPolypropylene (PP)

Characterized by a composite structure, which allows to combine the characteristics of GRIN-MELT® and GRIN-SPUN®, that enables to maintain a good softness and guarantee a high mechanical resistance.
Thanks to its high uniformity and permeability control, GRIN-SMS® is used in many applications as it can receive specific treatments and be made hydrophilic, hydrophobic, anti-mite, antibacterial, antistatic. It is ideal in the medical, hygiene, construction, agriculture, clothing and furniture sectors, as well as the industrial sector. Our GRIN-SMS® is available in numerous colors.

  • Medical
  • Hygienic
  • Filtration
  • Furniture
  • Construction
  • Clothing
  • Automotive




Graziano Ramina Industries
Via Regina Elena 32 - 35010 Grantorto PD Italy

    Graziano Ramina Industries fa parte della grande famiglia Ramina Group. Un polo produttivo unico nel settore del Tessuto non tessuto, dalla progettazione e realizzazioni di impianti industriali, le materie prime TNT Spunbond PP e Meltblown PP, fino alla produzione di prodotti finiti monouso. Visita le pagine web e scarica il Company Profile per scoprire tutti i dettagli relativi alla nostra Holding.

    Azienda storica nella creazione di macchine e impianti per la produzione di tessuto non tessuto Meltblown e Spunbond.

    Con la linea pilota Leonardo 1.0, Ramina offre una soluzione innovativa, affidabile ed economica per soddisfare le richieste dei produttori di TNT in tutto il mondo, permettendo di realizzare non tessuti di qualità elevata in tempi brevi e con costi ridotti.

    Startup in rapida crescita nel settore monouso igienico e specializzata nella produzione e commercializzazione di dispositivi medici.

    Produce mascherine chirurgiche usa e getta e altri dispositivi di protezione individuale usati da operatori sanitari e personale specializzato, ma che possono essere utilizzati anche al di fuori del settore igienico-sanitario come prodotto consumer.